Guess who’s coming to dinner?

(No, not Sidney Poitier. But I was star-struck nonetheless.)

For dinner last night, Aron and I had made reservations (a long time ago) for dinner at Locanda Verde–DeNiro’s newest restaurant venture in TriBeCa. We’d shared a delicious breakfast there over the summer and somehow never made it for the rumored-to-be awesome dinner. Every time we would think about heading that way, they were booked up. I should note that they keep about a quarter of the space open for walk-ins, however.

So, at 9 o’clock on a Monday night, we found ourselves finally settling in for dinner. 
And it just so happens that, two tables down, Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert found themselves there, too! 
(Although something tells me they could go any time they please.)

The place is pretty beautiful! It was snowing as we arrived and the place was all aglow. It’s not over-the-top or amazing in any way; it’s like a neighborhood taverna with well-priced, dependably standout food. It just happens to be a bit of a scene because it’s the new spot and it’s part of the Greenwich hotel. (And it’s delicious… and has been getting great reviews…)

Our goal was to go lite, as it was late, but everything sounded so good. With wine, we shared a sheepsmilk ricotta crostini (so creamy and rich!), burrata with fried rosemary, a beet salad with pistachio pesto and Gorgonzola, lamb meatball sliders (fantastic!), and the gigantone pasta with braised pork and provolone. For dessert? Brown butter cake with pistachio gelato (perhaps the only disappointment–which was surprising considering the pastries we had at breakfast). Definitely a place to return. It would make for a great night of sharing with friends or out-of-town guests.

Or for your next date with a celebrity chef.

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