Le(a)d Zeppole

A few weeks ago, Serious Eats reviewed Led Zeppole–the new spot across the street. I’d been eyeing the place from our window for a while, but when I read the review, my weakness for funnel cakes and the like got the best of me and I grabbed my coat, my camera, and my wife and headed downstairs.
It was cold out and we ran across the street to the glowing store. Racks of horrible-for-you-but-amazingly-delicious-looking food seemed to stare at me from behind the glass. “What’s that? Oh, yes I would like to order. I’ll have one of those, one of those, one of those, and one of those. Spin the wheel for a free zeppola? Okay… Score!” Before I knew it, I had a bag full of freshly fried and sugared treats (zeppole, cream-filled zeppole, fried oreo…).
We said good bye and ran back across the street. Back in our apartment, I attacked the treats, trying to taste each one before it cooled off. The upshot was, after eating a bit of each, I felt happy to stop (and take a few quick photos).
At that point, I realized that,in our hurry to eat them hot, we had forgotten to pay! I felt obliged to go back downstairs and settle up, for what then was fast-becoming the lead Zeppole in my stomach. The guys at the shop hadn’t realized I didn’t pay, and gave me a cannoli (the one thing I didn’t get) along with my change. One bite was more than enough.  
It used to be that funnel cakes were the stuff of state fairs or amusement parks. How cruel that they make them fresh, across the street. But perhaps it’s best that funnel cakes and all forms of fried dough remain a rare treat.

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