Halloween: Costumes for Couples

I fear the days of whole family-themed costumes may be behind us. Last year, Hudson went as an astronaut and Skyler as a kitty (who looked a lot like a lion), so Aron and I went it together as John and Yoko. This year, the kids once again have plans of their own, so Aron and I have been scratching our heads.

Anyone else in the same boat? Here are some very clever costumes for couples to help you get inspired, along with a few more from our collection…

Axl & Slash. (I’m very tempted by this one. We’re going to see Guns n’ Roses when they come to Sacramento in November! And how fun would it be to wear all of those tattoos?)

Buddy the Elf and Jovie 

Sam & Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

Wayne & Garth from Wayne’s World

Forest & Jenny

Westley & Buttercup from The Princess Bride

Superman & Lois Lane

So many ideas on Brit +Co: Cookies & Milk, Party Animals, Where’s Waldo & Wenda… 

Marty & Doc

Bob Ross & his happy little tree

Bonnie & Clyde

Angela Davis & Huey P. Newton (via)

Sandy & Danny from Grease


Secret Service Agents (you could use anything from dolls to giant cheetos, depending on the tone  you wanted to strike).

Watson & Holmes

Elliot & Gertie from E.T. This may be my personal favorite.

Have you ever coordinated costumes with your partner, or a friend? What did you dress up as? 

P.S. More Halloween inspiration for the whole family

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