(Last Minute) Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday, and even if you’ve dragged your feet and missed those deadlines for photo books and custom stationary, there’s plenty of time to plan, make, or buy something special. Here are a few ideas…

Plan something special.

Make breakfast. Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? (And if you’re thinking “well, she doesn’t,” then maybe just a well-planned spread waiting for her while she sleeps in?) Try stacked granola, brioche french toast, or hashbrown waffles. Add some bubbly beside the coffee and juice.

Plan a picnic. The key is to make it pretty. Think real basket, plates, wax paper and strings. Throw in some flowers. (You could get this Moroccan Market Basket as a present and fill it up.)

Take family photos. Assuming a photographer is not in the cards, either set up a tripod and order a remote (here’s how). Or simply promise to take her picture with the kids. So many moms are always the ones behind the camera—she’d love this. Read some portrait-taking tips online beforehand if you need to. (There are some, here.)

Make something special.

It starts with a weck jar. Homemade bath salts—and the promise of an hour to soak with them—would be perfect. (You just need Weck Jars, epsom salts, and essential oils—any scent she would like.) Or cook up a batch of these incredible candied rosemary hazelnuts and wrap up the jar with a bow.

Buy something special.

Assemble her favorites from your local grocery store. Everything in this basket came from the shop around the corner—even the brown paper bag wrapped around the box. Here’s the how-to.

Check your Saturday Farmer’s Market. Do you have one in your town? Vendors often bring extra flowers for the weekend, and it’s a good place to find locally-made jams and oils. One of our favorite farmers makes the most lovely-smelling soaps!

Make use of two-day-delivery. These things could be on your doorstep before the weekend.

Pink Clay Mask for some at-home spa time. Throw in a headband and a stack of magazines—then pour her a glass of wine!

A coffee pot for her office—even if she simply decants the drip stuff—will be a nice welcome every morning.

Turkish cotton towels she will tote everywhere this summer.

If she doesn’t always have one for the shipping, get her a subscription to Amazon Prime to stream Catastrophe—all three seasons.

Is food her love language? Consider these new cookbook releases Simple Fare (pictured), Salad for President, or Pizza Camp. Everyone wins.

The prettiest little Ceramic prep bowls. These wood ones, too. Good for olives or salt—or even paperclips. (If it’s the salt, this is the best!)

Photographs to transport her to the beach. (Okay, I cheated here, too. Print out the picture and the real thing should arrive shortly after.)

A kindle she can use anywhere—one-handedly, or just to read in bed. (Tip: Preload a book. May I suggest Bossypants or Big Little Lies as safe bets?)

Short-sleeved striped Pajamas. Classic.

That perfectly unisex watch she’s been searching for so she can stop pulling out her phone to tell the time (and then getting distracted by Instagram).

An olive-wood cheese board is endlessly handy, and so pretty!

A leather bucket tote will look fresh this summer. (The canvas duck tote is also a favorite of mine, and much less expensive.)

Not pictured: A gift card to one of her favorite stores to go shopping (with a promise to watch the kids while she picks something out).

What special things do you like to do? 

[photos are mine except newspaper in bed / Bath Salts DIY / Best Mom Ever card]

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