Three plus one


We have some exciting news! Our family will become a family of four this February!

I had one of those classic I-thought-only-in-movies discoveries that I was pregnant: I went to the doctor for completely unrelated back pain and came away completely surprised! They wanted to be sure I didn’t have a kidney stone (I didn’t) and the doctor sort of skimmed over the news in one breath. Something like, “you have a positive pregnancy test so we can’t do an x-ray, and want to send you for a renal ultrasound. And by the way, please don’t take any more Ibuprofen.” Wait, what?!

Despite my posting about accepting an only child (or none at all) as a perfectly happy form of family—a complete one (which I stand by)—we had always imagined having another, so it was a good surprise. The funny thing is… remember how I had put off that trip to Paris before because I was pregnant? Thinking naively that traveling there with a toddler might be more fun? Well guess who was pregnant in Paris this time? I just didn’t know it!

P.S. I was curious to look back at these posts from the first time around:
Announcing we’re expecting on the site
How we told my parents I was pregnant
Finding out the sex (It’s fun to compare profiles!)

and my For Kiddos board on Pinterest… which I can now openly start adding to more often!

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