Have a great weekend! (& Friday links)

Any fun plans for the weekend? We’re going to stick around Saturday for the farmer’s market and a friend’s party and then take the kids to Santa Rosa on Sunday for a daytrip!

We also picked up some bigger bikes at the school bike swap last weekend and so I’m guessing we have some riding to do. Looking forward to getting outside in the sunshine.

In the meantime, some links of note… 

Why teenagers are allergic to their parents.

In New York? Buy some cookies (and then perhaps go donate to the Department of Homeless Services).

Les Mis family karaoke. I can’t wait to share this with Aron when he gets home.

Ha! Paul Ryan’s retirement remarks.

So what’s happening with the Zuckerberg testimony? (And the infuriating innocence.)

James Comey’s book is getting its first reviews.

Kaiser (Aron’s employer), just pledged $2 million to researching gun violence! (““We should be thinking about this problem and studying interventions for it in the same way we study heart disease or diabetes or any other leading cause of death.”)

So upsetting: The latest Trump nominee for a federal judgeship has claimed that oral contraceptives can be linked to adultery and a promiscuous lifestyle that can expose women to increased risk of “violent death,” and isn’t clear on whether she supports civil rights like the school desegregation set forth in Brown vs Board of Education. So far, no Republican senator has bucked President Trump on a judicial confirmation vote, so she’s likely to be confirmed.

I’ve been hearing a lot of excitement about this cookbook.

Addressing pay parity at HBO.

These folks just sent me some samples from Ireland, and the lemongrass scent is taking me back to Thailand.

Seth Meyers on the birth of his baby boy. In the lobby! And I got all teary with him when, in his very recognizable newborn-haze-fervor, he basically thanks his “entire family lineage”for having lived so that it would be possible for him to have a baby.

$25-a-jar? I can’t even…

Brilliant alternative to the summer jumpsuit. (I actually just bought the little girl’s equivalent for Skyler.)

Whenever I start seeing promos for the big annual Shopbop sale, it’s my cue to check out the swimsuits and rash guards. My favorites this year: Ella Moss, Norma Kamali, Eberjey, and Tory Burch.

(Photo from our trip to Croatia)

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