For our budding photographer?

Something tells me that when our baby is born, he or she is going to be the subject of a gazillion photographs, and may–down the road–start reaching a camera. I love the idea of seeing the world from his or her vantage point! I read about a great idea to help make that easier on Ohdeedoh… the camera’s memory card automatically uploads the shots to an online account.
But until he or she is ready for that (and has been–most importantly–born), this wooden chew toy (er, teether) may be of more interest. 
Speaking of wooden toys, Tina Fey had a wonderful article in the New Yorker recently about “juggling it all” with a hilarious line about “beautiful wooden educational toys that kids love (if there are absolutely no other toys around and they have never seen television).” The entire piece is a funny, and very honest, read.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

(First photo by Ben Partridge via Ohdeedoh; Second via Etsy)

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