Perceptible changes

Aron always looks for the moment when the trees near our apartment start to bud: it’s a barely perceptible change that means the new season is coming. Having been away, “visiting summer,” it was a relief to finally feel that spring is in sight. I think both Aron and I felt a certain, well, spring in our step. In fact, it was so lovely that people were eating outside again. The streets of Soho were even more packed than usual, but Aron and I made our way downtown for a little pre-baby shopping. It’s all so crazy! I’m just beginning to show, but I found myself staring at all of the cute (more prominent) baby bumps on display in the shop (there are some very glamorous pregnant women in this city). The highlight? Watching Aron test out all the baby carriers and slings. Be still my heart…

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