Malaysian Meat Jerky

Ashley spotted this Jerky spot a while back, in Chinatown. When she told me about the smell of smoke wafting out of this small, unfamiliar storefront, I was intrigued. It took us a while to find it again, but while walking around the neighborhood after the New Year parade we spotted it.

Malaysian beef jerky is a bit different from the American variety. After pounding the meat thin and glazing it, they smoke it over a grill in the front of the store. I ended up with a piece of each of the chicken, pork, and steak flavors. My favorite was the spicy beef, but all three that I tried were moist with wonderfully sweet, smoky flavors. Of course they’re best when hot off the grill.

If you’re in the area and you decide you like this style, I hear Ling Kee Beef Jerky has some good stuff. It’s next on my list!

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