A First Birthday Gift



Yesterday, Skyler turned one. Though we have a small party planned for Sunday, we of course also celebrated the day at home.

Babies don’t require much for their first birthday, but we still wanted to give her something special—something lasting, but something that she might also enjoy now. We decided on the Mini Storybook of Names and Faces by Pinhole Press. (For Hudson’s first Christmas we had made a Big Storybook of Names and Faces, and they’ve since come out with a smaller spiral format.) It’s perfect.



You can choose twelve photos, but we kept it simple—with pictures of immediate family and, of course, Sawyer. It was fascinating to see her reaction to each picture. When she spotted Sawyer, she actually took off looking for him. While looking at her daddy (and her grandmothers), she leaned in for a wet kiss. And when she turned the page to an image of her and Hudson, she offered up her block! (I try to tell him she’s happy to share.)

I’ve paired it with some of my other favorite ideas for simple, thoughtful gifts for one year olds in your life (above):

  1. A hand-sized stuffed animal to love
  2. Their very first photo book. (As it holds 12 photos, you could also choose one photo from each of their first 12 months.)
  3. Soft leather soles for a new walker
  4. Bells for tight little grips (a sound no one will mind)
  5. A beautiful shape-sorting box (similar)
  6. A keepsake print



P.S. Another great gift for kids, by Pinhole, and the brag books I’ve made for every Mother’s Day.

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Pinhole Press has been a longtime supporter of Hither & Thither and I’ve been so happy with everything we’ve ordered from them. Their quality is wonderful and they’re a great source for gifts. 

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