A two-year-old’s birthday party

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Hudson turns two this Wednesday, the 17th, so we had some of his friends over for a party this Saturday. I started with the idea that it would be themed “Les Bals des Pompiers” because Saturday was the eve of Bastille Day when all the fire stations in France open to throw parties… but that was a little too complicated. We did have some French lemonade, but it was, in the end, a very Davis fireman’s party. In fact, the local firestation was nice enough to give us some temporary tattoos and badges for the occasion!

Sadly, I had the ISO all wrong on the camera, but Aron and I did manage to snag a few cute photos of kids to share…



Aron and I baked a firetruck cake…


And I made a little Photobooth for the kids to pose by.


Hudson tried all day to steal a kiss from his girlfriend, Olivia…


And finally got his birthday wish. I think he had a great time with all of his little friends, which made it feel like a true success.

Hudson Turning 2

P.S. Hudson’s first birthday party, a picnic in the park. (On the Hudson River!)


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