Feasting on Art

What a fantastic premise! Megan Fizell (Feasting on Art) takes still lifes of food–paintings, illustrations, photographs–and deconstructs them to create a meal. There are usually interesting tidbits about the art, artist, and the food, as well as lovely photographs of her fare. Such an inspired idea for a recipe blog. Her most recent post takes a look at an engraved botanical, a study of pears from the early 19th century, and follows with a recipe for Pear, Goat, & Proschiutto pizza. Others are less literal, like the Coconut Milk Ice Cream with Carmelized Papaya & Lime–inspired by a Frida Kahlo’s painting, Coconut Tears.
 {Piet Mondrian, Composition No. 8, 1939-42; Oil on canvas, 74 x 68 cm, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth}
One of my favorites is more of a recreation: her Mondrian Pound Cake, inspired by Composition No. 8.
(All images from Feasting on Art)

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