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When Domino–that most lovely of living magazines–folded last year, there was a collective cry from faithful readers. I still can’t bear to part with my copies and feel a twinge of sadness whenever I follow an old DominoMag link and find myself transported to Architectual Digest instead. Sigh…
Some of the editors and creative directors from Domino have been trying a new venture–a virtual magazine–called Lonny. I flipped, er, clicked through the pages of the first issue when it launched, but didn’t happen to notice that a second issue had come out (in December) until just now. I prefer holding a magazine in my hands (I spend enough time as it is in front of computer screens) but they’ve done a wonderful job of recreating the experience online. What’s especially nice is that–as with e-readers–you can enlarge fonts and images and follow hyperlinked images to learn more about what’s being shown in the photos. And you can splay out all the spreads in a grid, if you’re over the idea of replicating traditional, front-to-back reading and prefer to jump around.

(domino covers via decor 8)

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