Etsy, anticipation, and some starred items

I was invited to be a Guest Curator for the Etsy Blog this past week. I packed my virtual bags for four hypothetical weekend trips with the baby: to the shore, the city, the moutains, and to the desert. Check it out here.

Actually, studies have shown that planning and anticipation is the highlight of a vacation! So thank you, Etsy, for giving me an excuse to plan!

Some other things I’ve been looking at and starring online lately…

This article from last year, also on how to enjoy a vacation, has been resurfacing in conversations with friends lately.
I love when recognizable items become hardly so: these photographs of books are stunning.
It would be so fun to check out all of the bikes at the Manifest Show. I enjoyed this video clip about some of the entries. (Via The Fremont Bike, spotted on Design Mom)
Photos to take of your kids each month (that bathtub photo melts me)
A covet-worthy collection of summer sandals (in kids sizes sadly), via The Littlest
Wind maps.
Nichole‘s beautiful book, Paris in Color

, is out!
The Baby Elephant wallpaper by Jill Malek in this nursery is so lovely and subtle.
Can you believe this is an Ikea upgrade? And it’s awesome to learn of shared workspaces–woodshops, too!
Rumor has it that this black headband stays put? Going to have to check it out. (Found via Kate‘s friend, Emily!)
OK on Third was probably our favorite store in Los Angeles, so it’s no surprise that they would have a cool, under-the-radar baby shower gift.
This is wallpaper?
In college, lots of sort-of-hippie friends used canning jars for glassware, but I never liked sipping wine from where jam once was. But these lids, them I could get behind.
Once, when I was in high school, a friend and I were out late enough to see the flower market open. But we didn’t come out with anything this pretty.
And here are some more photos from that beautiful brunch.

Have a great weekend! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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