The High Line, Phase Three

I was in New York for roughly 36 hours this week. I was in town for a special event (that I look forward to sharing more about after the weekend—though you may have glimpsed on Instagram), but it was just long enough to tack on a visit to the newest section of the High Line—which opened just a few days prior. I won’t lie: I hesitated. I could only visit in middle of the day which usually translates to thicker crowds and bad photo conditions. But the larger timing was hard to beat.

I still think the original section of the High Line is my favorite. Perhaps it the nature of coming first, but its situation still seems the most striking: the way it overlooks the spectacularly (if polarizing) meatpacking district and passes through the structure of the Standard Hotel is awesome. Its juncture with the Chelsea Market and the Nabisco factory help make its original purpose (as a transportation line) more clear, and its wider paths are more pleasant (in my opinion) than the narrow lanes of the second phase.

The second phase can feel a bit claustrophobic to me, though I’ve always found it to be the most photogenic.

I think that will remain true, but then again I didn’t see phase three at sunset.

This section turns and heads directly west, meeting the Hudson River at a perpendicular angle. I’m sure that on a glowing golden evening (like this or this), it’s pretty stellar.

The newest stretch seems to place more emphasis on the old rail lines (using them as part of the walkways) and on the implication that one might consider industry and urban landscapes as worthy of contemplation as greenspace (by the nature of its location in the less romantic Hudson Yards).  I couldn’t help to think how much Aron and I would have loved to have this bit in place when we lived in New York: we walked up and down the Hudson River Walkway time and again and many times had to cross those bleak blocks around the Javitz center. This would have been a more interesting way to get around.

Have you been yet? What did you think?

Have a nice weekend!

P.S. Riverside Park, Sailing on the Hudson, and spending the holidays in New York City. Also, more history of the High Line.

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