Dear New York: We Love You

We took this picture while flying over the city back in 2006; we were arriving to try and imagine the island as our new home. We’re so glad that we followed our guts and took the leap of faith to stay. We moved in precisely four years ago this Sunday, and those four years have been incredible. It took some time, but we both agree that we have fallen head-over-heels in love with this crazy place, and that even if we ever decide to part ways with the city and land somewhere else, we will be forever grateful for its impact. More than we could have ever expected, we have come to new appreciation for compact living, dramatic seasons, great bagels, farmers’ markets, public parks, pizza, street style, and probably about a million other things–including rural escapes!
And now we get to meet a whole new New York–the New York of babies and families and playgrounds, and see it all again through a pair of fresh eyes. I can’t wait!
Happy Anniversary, New York!
(And to all of you: a lovely weekend.)

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