Gifts for a Two-Year-Old

Gift Guide for a Two Year Old

Skyler’s second birthday is approaching! Her hand-me-down situation is such that we should really skip getting her anything, but of course that’s very hard to do.

Here are some ideas we’ve been mulling along with some suggestions in case you have a two year old in your life whom you’d like to give something special.

1. Soft, cuddly toys are a good bet. This little wool puppet would surely make them giggle when it tickles under their neck. (Makes me think of this little video.)

2. Books are always a great idea. My Wild Family or  One Thousand Things would make a beautiful gift.

3. Perhaps it’s time to start building with MagnaTiles or Legos! (Throw in a building surface, too, if the latter.)

4. We chose to get Hudson this balance bike for his second birthday. (There are some really cute options now.)

5. A backpack that’s just his or her size. (Nursery or preschool may be just around the corner.)

6. A $15 Easel and a box of colorful, dustless chalk.

7. Skyler loves her baby doll (12-inches is a good toddler size) and pushes it around in a stroller.

8. A wheely bug (or mouse, or cow, as the case may be) is a good indoor alternative to a bike or trike for a toddler who is ready to be going places.

9. Skyler loves to tote around a farm animal (or two) in the palm of her hand. Her favorites are the “neigh,” the “moo,” and the “ducky.” A Fold-and-Go Farm would be a nice addition.

10. Janod’s Story Boxes—like this circus box—are so sweet. (Hudson has the firefighters set.)

11. Bouncy balls (or even just a pack of latex balloons) are tons of fun at this age.

12. This pull-along toy is the best. (Both of our kids have loved it, you may recall.)

What would you add? Those of you with toddlers, what are their favorite toys?

P.S. More gift guides for kids. And a favorite French toy brand.

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