Satisfying my sweet tooth

A new store popped up in the West Village recently that lets you indulge your (Scandanavian) sweet tooth. Sockerbit Sweet & Sweedish imports all of their candy from Sweeden, meaning that while many of the gummies and chocolates look familiar, most are new to Americans. (However the ones that look like Hershey Rolos do taste exactly like Rolos, only with much better chocolate and caramel!) I could see why the little raspberry boats (called Hallonbåtar) are such a big hit in Sweeden–delicious! The bins are all priced at $13/pound, which isn’t cheap, but it wasn’t stopping some young boys from literally attacking their favorites.

The place is stark white and it’s worth going in just to take in the ambiance (which seems to attract tall blondes, if that’s any help).

P.S. Not quite sure what mixed message I was trying to send Aron: Have a sweet day/I’m giving you the finger…

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