An evening baby shower



Who says you can’t have sequins at a baby shower? My friend Emarie threw this lovely cocktail reception for her sister, Meika-Rae (and a few dozen friends and family). I stopped by to take some pictures and was so inspired by the sophisticated (but still sweet) celebration. I love that it the decor and theme would have worked for a co-ed party, as well.

The flowers were so beautiful. Mixing and arranging is such a skill.


A family friend, Phoebe, made the cake and I’m noting its simplicity for the future. It looks so nice without the frosting on the sides.

(Sidetone: This can be harder than it looks! You need some insurance that each cake will come out clean and even. One handy trick is to insert a toothpick or knife into each and compare your levels, but you need to really grease the pan—and the parchment.)

Meika-Rae, here with her sister and mother, was glowing. What a lovely night!

Invites & paper: Vonn Lou Designs
Tassels: Paper Fox LA
Metallic Balloons: Oh Shiny Paper Co.
Venue / Food: Buckhorn
Photographs: Ashley Muir Bruhn
P.S. What to put on your baby registry.

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