New favorite airplane snack

I have a new favorite airport purchase:

A snack-pack of red pepper hummus and pretzels, plus hard boiled eggs. It’s just the right combination of salty and crunchy but it’s full of protein. It’s a little like the flavor of a deviled egg, and if I really stretch it can remind me of that one time Aron and I got bumped up to first class and they served us eggs topped with caviar and a little half-lemon covered in fine mesh for squeezing.

I’ve been noticing that most airports are trying to stock some healthier options in deli cases—I’ve seen those little Sabra travel packs of hummus and pretzels (also often sold in snack boxes for purchase in-air) and pre-hard boiled eggs in most domestic terminals I’ve visited lately. But even if you had to stash these in your carry-on at home, they’d make good travel companions as long as you don’t go over your liquid limit with the hummus.

With some tonic and lime, I feel like I’m having a very decadent treat. (And Hudson wants the hummus and pretzels, so we all win.)

Do you have a go-to snack on airplanes?

Aron is in Dallas right now for his oral board exams, and on Monday I fly to Las Vegas for a couple of nights, so I’m all ears.

P.S. Tips for flying with babies and toddlers and my carry-on essentials.

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Have a great weekend!

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