Big Bambú (part deux)


Ashley may have gotten to go with our friend Chris last week, but I’d been dying to go to Met’s roofdeck and see Big Bambú ever since we saw it being installed in the spring. I got off of work surprisingly early on Friday, so Ashley and I headed uptown to catch the exhibit before the sun set.

The piece was visually stunning–I could feel my excitement building as soon as we climbed from the stairway out into the sun. The bamboo structure, lashed together with climbing rope, was glowing in the afternoon sun and the roof was packed as if a happy hour. We grabbed beers and took in the view. And I found myself fascinated not only by the sheer scale of the elements in the space, but also by the structural workings of the piece.

Big Bambú is continually being built by two brothers, the Starns. It has been described as a piece that bridges sculpture, architecture, and performance–literally: if you want, you can get a ticket to climb its paths (something for another visit). 


After the sun went down, we walked out through Central Park to Fifth Avenue and shared a light meal in the bar at David Chang’s new-ish midtown spot, Má Pêche. Both were happenings which necessitate repeating.

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