Snowstorms (& Friday Links)

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As you might have heard, California has been getting some much-needed water lately! Unfortunately, despite my happiness for the state and our reservoirs, it hasn’t been easy on us personally. It was a tough week as our cabin bore the brunt of two major snowstorms with warm rains in between. The Sierras got over 12 feet of snow in just a few days, closing the ski resorts and the highways in light of blizzard conditions. A tree fell on our cabin’s roof (thankfully no-one was hurt and the damage is minimal, considering); and the water table has risen so dramatically that we’re having flooding issues on the basement level that we’re still working to resolve. As I write this, the power continues to be out and we’re headed up to ensure that the temperatures don’t drop too low for the water pipes. It’s been a crazy storm! I’ve been sharing some photos on Instagram.

Still, there was plenty else to be distracted by this week. Some very good, some very bad. I’ve shared some links that are notable to me, below. What have you been reading lately?

A book for children in anticipation Monday, when we honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

The Ace Hotel in Panama looks pretty amazing right about now.

Mother Mag shared a list of products that support Planned Parenthood. This tote is fantastic! I just ordered a half-dozen to give as gifts.

Pre-Trump IUDs are on the rise with women worried about alternative birth control access… by 900%! (And what a sad statement about where we’re headed.)

How to make pinecone bird feeders.

All Things Considered on the scarcity of childcare, and its consequences.

A week of emotional goodbyes for The Obamas. If you haven’t watched The President’s farewell speech, it warrants a sit-down.

I also couldn’t believe how emotional I felt watching Joe Biden receive an honor for his 47 years of public service.

The White House vegetable garden that the First Lady began. I remember craning my neck to see it through the gates on my last visit to Washington DC.

I don’t even know where to begin with that press conference or vote-a-rama. So let’s look at one bit of ridiculousness that you may have overlooked if you listened to the conference on the radio, like me: A table of meat and other ad placements for products, most of which are not actually owned by the company. What?! You can’t make this stuff up.

Currently reading.

And thank goodness, TV returns! Nashville is back. Homeland starts again next week! And Scandal is on its heels. I’m also looking forward to the return of The Americans (more relevant than ever), Girls (its final season), and to the start of Big Little Lies on HBO.

P.S. I missed the Golden Globes last weekend when the power was out. Besides Meryl Streep’s speech, anything I should search on You Tube? Fashion highlights?

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