An Early Mother’s Day Brunch



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Joanna just let me know that she shared some photos from a brunch I went to last Saturday (and they’re stunning)! Pinhole Press–a sponsor of ours–and Joanna hosted the brunch at Karen Mordechai’s new space in Williamsburg and the loft is nothing short of gorgeous. She told me they gutted a three-bedroom apartment after seeing how beautiful the light could be (that’s a photographer’s eye for you). I found myself staring at the kitchen–which looked like a still life even when dishes piled up–and wondering how white epoxy floors hold up. I could go on and on about how beautiful it all looked (That table! Custom built!), but it really was just so nice to spend an entire morning talking away. (Thanks to Aron for putting the baby to sleep for both naps!)

There are more photos on Sunday Suppers and Cup of Jo today. Aron and I have been meaning to sign up for a class at Sunday Suppers for forever and now we only have a few months left! Eek! Well, we have to do it soon because Aron is going to love her studio space.


[All photos and collages by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers (and via her site); those gorgeous flowers are from Saipua]

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