Mango + Coconut = spring?

One of the best desserts I’ve ever had is sweet Asian mango served over coconut sticky rice on our honeymoon in Thailand. It may have been infused a bit with just-wed romance, but the combination of a truly ripe, sweet mango with the rich flavor of coconut milk can be better than so many more labor-intensive desserts.

The right mangoes for pairing with coconut sticky rice are only in season in the spring (start looking in April), but as soon as you spot some of these smaller mangoes (like the Ok-Rong and Nam-Dokmai; or the Manila, Ataulfo, or Alphonso mangoes) you should snatch them up and make some coconut sticky rice.

So–in sort of an odd tangent–I present you with an interesting alternative way to combine those flavors while you’re waiting for the right fruit to arrive. Remember the coconut doughnut I told you was so wonderful at Doughnut Plant? It reminds me so much of coconut sticky rice! I’ve always thought it would be great with ripe mango, but you can wash one down with a mango lassi for breakfast and get a jump on spring! (That is, if 65 degrees in NYC yesterday didn’t do it for you!)

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