11 Angry Men (& Friday Links)

The lesson of the United States in this moment is that misogyny and racism aren’t disqualifiers. They are the qualities the right wing considers key to their larger project — perhaps, in fact, main selling points. (Especially for their president, who today was reported to have loved Kavanaugh’s blustering, aggressive attitude toward his questioners).

After all, the reason that Republicans want to jam through Kavanaugh’s nomination is that as a member of the Supreme Court he’ll be able to help create the mechanisms that determine which kinds of Americans have rights, protections, autonomy, and power.

—Rebecca Traister, “What a Good Boy,” for New York Magazine

Were you watching the hearing yesterday? I followed it throughout the day and it was really striking how different it felt to read the testimony versus listen to it versus watch it. If you didn’t see it, I’d suggest at least catching the excerpted clips on the comedy circuit (here’s Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel). After all, it was all for show.

I usually try to post a mix of serious and fun links, but this is has been all I’ve been thinking about… 

(even though I’m guessing everyone is ready for some levity, judging by the fact that this Octopus slap is on the most-emailed NYT list today. Ha!)

Confused about the final vote? Here’s how the final minutes of the committee just went down. As I write this, it’s up to McConnell whether they delay the vote, and up to Trump to order an FBI investigation.

On Partisan Bitterness: “The damage to the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and the Senate confirmation process is incalculable, whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed.”

What we witnessed was the patriarchy testing how far its politics of resentment can go. And there is no limit.”

On inequities and “plowing through it.” “No, the Republicans certainly don’t hold women in high esteem.”

And what women are taking away from the GOP response.

The view from Dr. Ford’s chair.

“When the match was lit.” One of my favorite op-eds from today.

The passive voice of victim blaming. And, from the same author, the extra steps women take everyday to avoid assault.

What do teenagers think of this “boys will be boys” defense?

Finally, how to talk to kids about the Kavanaugh story. Some great advice here about being the “askable parent.”

Are you pissed off, too? Vote.org. and Swing Left. 

[Second photo by Tom Williams via New York Magazine. Thank you for sharing it, Joanna.]

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