Kicks for Kids: Cool Slip-on and Velcro shoes for boys

Even though Hudson can tie his own shoes, he still prefers the ease of the grab-and-go variety. So I spent a significant number of hours this past week searching for cool big kid sneakers that are either slip-on or velcro—they’re in short supply! There are plenty for the little kids and toddlers, but after size 13, the selection drops. In case you’re in the same boat, here were my favorite finds, along with a trick for turning any shoe into a slip-on…

Vans Sk8-Mid Reissue | Puma Kids St Runner

Gola Coaster (Zara has something similar for a lot less, but only in a few sizes) | Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Gola Harrier Sneaker (I love all the color combinations) | Stacks by Supra (also in all black)

Vans Classic Slip-On (Comes in a ton of prints; the high contrast black and white is such a classic.)

Other styles I looked at and you might check out: New Balance for JCrewOld SolesOnitsuka Tiger, Addidas, and Native Monaco Slip On (Native makes a lot of great options, especially for closed-toe water shoes).

All this said, probably the best discovery is that you can also turn any shoe into a no-tie show with expandable laces. Lot of adults like these bungee-like laces, too: they can be adjusted to fit any sized shoe. Don’t get the ones that are short (packs of 5 or 6) to go into every eyelet separately—they’re a huge pain. Instead, choose one you trim to fit. The best-rated options are by Lock Laces and Xpand (the latter looks more like a traditional flat lace), and they come in all sorts of colors.

P.S. First watches for kids and winning gifts for 6 & 7 year olds.

[Top: Image via Zara]


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