First Watches for Kids

Though I’ve joked that parenthood simply means announcing how many minutes are left in activities, over and over throughout the day, the concept of time is still pretty fuzzy around here.

Skyler’s memories jumble into a “one day, before today” category, and I think at least twice she’s asked us if it’s a school day on a Saturday after dinner. Hudson, on the other hand, is getting a handle on the sequence of events, if not always the duration, and is learning to tell time on an analog clock in his first-grade class. We’ve actually had a digital clock in his room for years—the amazing OK to Wake Clock shines green when it’s 7am, letting him know it’s okay to come and wake us if he happens to be up earlier (which is always)—but it doesn’t really teach how to tell time.

But now that he’s showing more interest in reading a clock, and enjoying more after-school activities that I meet him after at specific times, we’d like to get him a first watch. Priorities for us: readable, durable, and easy to use. We’d also like this first one to be analog—a teaching-watch.

Here are some favorites we’re considering…

EasyRead time teacher (pictured at top): This one is based off a popular wall clock, often used in classrooms. It uses numbers 1-30, instead of 1-60 meaning you can start using it earlier, and highlights 5-minute intervals. Like many of the options here, it also makes the minute and and the hour hands markedly different from one another. You can buy new bands in different colors, so if it lasts we could offer it with a new band to Skyler, too.

LEGO Time Teacher: This is a top consideration. These buildable LEGO watches and clocks come in different designs—Star Wars and Marvel comics including—featuring different LEGO mini figures, and the watch-link design means that it’s expandable. Other pros for the classic model: it includes a toy clock/activity card set, and its durability is backed up with a warranty.

Timex Time Machine Watches: Hudson likes that these ones have less information on the faces (and the fun designs). Some people don’t like the elastic bands, but it seems like it could be a nice feature for those kids who have trouble with a buckle design.

Alternatively, these Timex Analog Watches with rainbow numbers—but with simple white or black fabric straps—seem so classic, but still kid-appropriate.

Marvel Time Teacher: The time teacher watches come with a lot of branded characters, if that’s of interest. (Skyler would love this one.) I like the bold minute numbers on the bezel and the hook-and-loop velcro strap. There is also, however, a chain-link version by Disney called the Disney kids time teacher.

Peppa Pig Time Teacher: This one would be more appropriate for Skyler than for Hudson, but the interchangeable discs would add a fun element to learning to tell time.

Also, if you’re just getting started, Telling Time.

Any favorite first watches you’ve come across? 

P.S. Gift ideas for traveling kids.


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