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I’ve been seeing a lot of interviews with Mike Birbiglia lately, and it’s reminded me: I’m such a fan! But it’s the comedian’s recent piece for The New York Times movie section that has cemented it for me. He’s written up a list of “Six Tips For Making It Small in Hollywood. Or Anywhere.” and you can just tell he’s a nice guy on top of being funny and hard-working. When he talks about sharing his work over pizza with his friends, you actually picture real people. It’s a believable scenario.

His advice for doing (or trying to do) anything you want to do? 1. Don’t Wait. 2, Fail. 3, Learn from the failure. 4, Maybe Quit. 5, Be bold enough to make stuff that’s small but great. 6, Cleverness is overrated, and heart is underrated.

Of course the meat is in the telling.

Any fun plans for Labor Day weekend? Here are some links to distract you, if desired. See you Tuesday!

Speaking of Mike Birbiglia, I just watched the trailer for his new movie and can’t wait to see it!

And now I’m thinking I missed out when I didn’t read his book. Might have to change that.

Is it crazy how much I love thumbing through the new Ikea catalog? Might have to add to the Ikea Hack series

Apparently, purses are often completely disgusting. Here’s a clever solution for when there’s no hook in the bathroom.

Locals: the first-ever Bay Day, to save San Francisco Bay, is being held on October 1st. Lots of great activities.

Good day, Sir.  We were lucky to enjoy so much from Mr. Wilder.

#HipsterClassifieds made me laugh. Or not. “Enthusiasm optional.”

Need a gift for a cat lover?

A UC Davis professor learns how sunflowers follow the sun. (P.S. The field just beyond our house.)

Congratulations to Rebecca on her beautiful (beautiful) new design book!

The scents of rose and witch hazel make me nostalgic (what I used in high school). I love this!

Been told I need to listen to this. (And even without listening, it made me want to call my girlfriends far away. Miss you.)

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[Photo of Tina Fey]

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