Dipping one’s toe into a trend: clogs

Woman in rolled up jeans and slip-on clogs

I seem to have shoes on the brain lately.

Examples of ankle boot clogs

We were back at the Alameda flea this past weekend and I spotted this girl wearing the simplest combination of t-shirt, rolled jeans, and clogs with socks but it just looked so cool. When we were living in New York, I was always eyeing the Swedish Hasbeens ankle boots with sartorial envy; my head would turn to watch someone walking by and Aron would ask “whose shoes are you looking at?” I still would love a pair one day, but it seems more practical for the California weather (and less expensive) to go the old-school slip-in route. (And bonus: one who hangs out with young kids a lot might also note how often one needs to remove her shoes!)

The thing is, Davis shoe stores sell practically nothing but clogs–and not in a trendy sort of way. There are two shoe stores and both specialize in comfort shoes–which is a reminder that clogs can sometimes look a little too practical. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t wear shoes that aren’t comfortable–but I don’t need to broadcast it. Anyway, I think there might be a fine line when it comes to not looking like you’re leaving a shift at the hospital, so I’ve been digging around for some favorite options. What’s the trick? 

Examples of slip-on clogs

[Top Photo: Blushing Ambition // First Grid (clockwise from top left): Swedish Hasbeens 877 Zip It Emy Boots; Swedish Hasbeens Clog BootiesLoeffler Randall Biker Boot ClogSven Clog Boot // Second Grid (clockwise from top left): Swedish Hasbeens Slip in Super HighSven Biker Strap ClogSven Leaf Punch ClogIngrid by Dansko // I also like the Tokyo clog by Sandgrens.]

P.S. For some reason I’ll always remember wearing clog sandals when I first met Aron, back in 1999. They weren’t as cool as these ones.


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  • marni zarr

    a clog and a boot! kind of like a reese’s peanut butter cup of two perfect flavors in one. the swedish hasbeen ankle boots are on my wish list! a little pricey but i’m sure they hold up and in my mind the style is timeless. santa??? 😉

  • Dancing Branflake

    I love those sweet blue ones on the bottom left. I love that you remember what you wore when you met Aron. So sweet!

  • Gaia

    I’ve been drooling over the Hasbeens for years, but recently I got some Sanita’s clog boots (“Peggy Sue”) on sale. They’re great!

  • evencleveland

    Clogs for the win!

    I really love Sven (they make the clogs for No. 6, too). Hasbeens have a little too harsh a break-in period for me.

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Stephanie! Such a great tip. I was wondering about that. They have the widest selection it seems, too. Hope you’re keeping warm. xo

  • Caroline L.

    In second or third grade, I had the cutest pair of red glittery clogs with heart cutouts that I basically wore every single day and since then, I just cannot dislike clogs no matter what I do 🙂

  • rebecca

    all are cute, though i must say the slip on variety just remind me of interning at the hospital in college. very tres-med school? 🙂

    • Ashley

      Yes… Aron has HUUUUGE rubber ones. Slippery slope, slippery slope.

  • Natalie S.

    In Davis it rains (pathetic constant drizzle) and is so mushy from December to May that I would just go with your original Hasbeens choice. It might be nice to have another way to style during that season than just rain boots.

    • Ashley

      Say it aint so! I was trying to remember what it felt like here in the winters when I was an undergrad. Too long ago and maybe in denial?

      • Natalie S.

        You’re not alone here. Every time it rains everyone acts like it’s the first time. I’ve been here for six years (transplant from Chicago to work on my Ph.D.) and I still can’t believe how long the rainy season is (but the memory of it is seared in my brain because one of my dogs will not go out unless I cover her with an umbrella).

  • Shannon

    I second the Sven’s comment! They are awesome, I did a post awhile back about my love for them. They have a great section online of overstock clogs for really great prices, I’ve got three pairs. 😉

    I think the trick is to have a higher heel, it’s more feminine, and less old lady. And actually even the high heels are comfortable with Sven’s. Good luck! Post some cute mom friendly outfit pics when you find stuff, I’m always looking for cute kid friendly shoes and clothes for staying home with my son (who seems as active as Hudson!).

    • Ashley

      Thanks for the tip, Shannon–and will do! I’ve been using the clark chukka boots, Remi gladiator sandals by Easy Spirit, ballet flats and sperry top siders as my main go-to shoes for about a year. Oh, and sometimes I switch to the t-strap birkenstocks when my back is tired. The extra high arches are nice, but the shoes aren’t as cute as the other sandals. Still, I’m a big fan of shoes and am always looking for another go-to. I’ll check out the Svens.

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