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Our family in Sunset magazine!



Some of you who follow along on Instagram may have already seen the news, but I’m thrilled to share that we’re in Sunset Magazine this month! I’ve been reading Sunset (and saving back-issues) for as long as I can remember, and I can’t believe that one with our family will be shelved alongside now!

Here’s a closer look…

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Racing toward the holidays (& Friday links)


I took the kids to the new Golden One Center last month to see Disney on Ice and to check out Sacramento’s new downtown arena for the first time. Only afterward, when Hudson didn’t believe me that the characters had been ice skating (“but it wasn’t cold”) did I realize I’d probably been more prepared to show them the new venue than to drum up excitement about what we were going to see there! Whoops! It is such an awesome addition to the city, and there’s just a ton of great stuff moving in around it. I included a few more photos below.

It feels like that was already ages ago as we race toward the holidays. (It feels like it was, in fact, a world away.) We started opening up the drawers in the advent calendar yesterday, kicking off the month with a children’s parade and tree lighting downtown! The marching band plays, The Grinch shows for free at The Varsity, and there are horse-drawn carriage rides. It’s pretty sweet. Today I’ll take the kids to the Art Center where they get to shop with a helper for us, in a secret no-parents-allowed room!

So. Here we go!

As I try to wrap my head around this, some links of note… 

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Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Everyone Else


Happy 1st of December! Today’s gift guide is the last for this year’s set: ideas for anyone left out so far…

1. Even in the age of the smartphone, the fun factor of an Instax Mini is hard to dispute. (Also, a more budget mini.)

2. A gorgeous Ceramic French Press, that could double as a pitcher. (Everything in this Etsy shop is beautiful.)

3. Each as unique as they are: Shibori-dyed Cocktail Napkins made in Oakland.

4. For the historical purist: A Home Gardener’s Heirloom Seed Collection, completely non-hybrid, non-GMO, and non-treated.

5. Handmade Planters that would look at home in their home.

6. A puzzle for grownups: Gradient Puzzle

7. Useful and beautiful, a Local Foods Wheel, for various regions across the country.

8. This Solid Brass Bottle Opener is so simple and lovely—and there’s nothing remotely frat about it.

9. A collection of Wildsam Field Guides (or just the one from your city with a prompt to visit) would make a great gift for the wanderer. Each has suggestions and stories from locals. For example, San Francisco’s features Joan Didion and John Muir, Beatnik lore, the science of fog, and bread baking—as well as itinerary suggestions.

10. It’s the Flux Capacitor! Great Scott! Back to the Future Car Charger

11. Pick out one of this year’s best cookbooks for them. Everything I Want To Eat is on my wish list. Five others I would gift? Small Victories, Dinner at the Long Table, Lucky Peach Power Vegetables, Mozza at Home, and Molly on the Range.

12. There’s a reason why food stylists stock up on Linen Napkins. These are a good value.

13. Feel good pencils: Each number 2 gem contains a totally truthful, absolutely honest compliment. Bundle them all, or hand them out individually.

14. Something cheeky for the office. Oh For Fox Sake.

15. “‘I have enough washi tape.’ -said no one ever.” Pick out a personalized set of colors.

Not pictured: A beautiful calendar for their wall. This one and this one are both favorites.

Hope you found something here that you’d love to give this holiday season!

P.S. More gift guides! And this year’s For Her, For Him, and For the Kiddo.

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