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Kayaks for Kids

A couple of weekends back, we stopped at Angora Lake in South Lake Tahoe to see some friends who were spending a week there, and someone let Hudson try out this 6-foot Wave Kayak for kids. It was incredible!

I’ve take Hudson Kayaking a few times in an adult-sized double, and couldn’t believe the difference it made for him to have an appropriately sized paddle and platform. He and another 6-year-old friend took turns paddling around the lake, pulling out onto rocks—they had so much fun with the autonomy of it, and the kayak seemed so stable.

Just wanted to share in case anyone might be considering introducing kids to some special water recreation this year—with life vests and adult supervision, of course!

P.S. Hudson’s first time kayaking with me—in Monterey Bay. And more photos from our stop at Angora Lake.

**Also, today is the last day for the Closet Sale on Instagram, if you’re interested!

Keeping Cool: No-oven summer meals

The summer heat has arrived! We’ve already survived a few heat-waves in Davis—passing as many hours in the pool as we can before retreating back into the air-conditioning. Cooking indoors can raise the temperature in a home by up to 10 degrees, so the last thing anyone would want to do, when that thermostat is hitting those triple digit numbers, is turn on an oven or spend time over a stove.

Today I’m partnering with Lennox, who provides the efficiency, control, and (cool) comfort we expect from the most valued and innovative appliances in our homes, to offer up some menu suggestions that will keep you cool inside and out. When all is said and done, nothing beats the heat like a high-quality HVAC system that’s well maintained during hot summer days, but these are some of my favorite things to serve whether it’s just us or it’s a crowd. You could pare this down for a very simple afternoon.

Think fresh, crunchy salads, stone fruit sliced with creamy mozzarella, the bright acid of tomatoes with mint. Think shaved summer squash, melon with prosciutto, and grilled meat that can hang out for a while. I’ve discovered my favorite meals come from imagining a hot day near the mediterranean sea—where lemons and olives, basil and lavender reign supreme.

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Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Today he is six! We looked at baby pictures together last night, and it feels at once like he was just six days old, and like he’s been this age forever.

He’s sweet and silly and confident—he values silliness above all else these days. If you tell him he’s acting crazy, he will probably take it as a compliment. He loves playing games and telling jokes, climbing trees and running fast, solving puzzles and building legos. He adores his sister, though his intense desire for her attention isn’t always well-received. He’s affectionate and often tells us he loves us, as we do him. He alternately exhausts and energizes us with his joy. We’re just completely smitten.

We celebrated all of this with his friends on Saturday—he requested a tree-themed party at the local gymnastics space. An hour of bouncing, running, and climbing, followed by pizza and cake. He has my sweet tooth.

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