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Woven Chairs

We brought back these woven leather chairs from Bali a few years ago and, ever since sharing our living room, I routinely get asked for a source. So I wanted to share that a friend just emailed me to say that World Market has an outdoor version that comes in a pair. The material is flat woven weather-resistant wicker instead of leather or cloth, but they look awesome!

[White-strap Girona Chairs (Set of two)]

P.S. Buying furniture in Bali. And more home photos, here and on Instagram.

Village East Cinema (& Friday Links)

Stumbled across this little guide to the East Village by Natalie Suarez and was instantly transported back to those years of living in the East Village and walking to the movies. I’ll never forget bringing Hudson here as a newborn and suddenly realizing how loud movies are! (Although he slept through it, of course—and through his first movie experience in Brooklyn.) Spring always makes me nostalgic for the city and its blooms. Are the magnolias out?

What are your plans for the weekend? We’ll be attending the campus open house party known as picnic day on Saturday—the kids are looking forward to the parade. And speaking of movies, I’d love to see one at our favorite spot in town. We’ll see if we can swing it…

In the meantime, some links of note…

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Why do we take personality quizzes?

Are you a fan of personality quizzes? There are, of course, the sort that are exploding on Facebook lately and will tell you whether you’re a pizza or a sandwich, a Carrie or a Samantha, or perhaps just guess your psychic age. But I’m thinking of the more (pseudo?) scientific sort, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test—which also seems to have the most devout following. Annie Murphy Paul, who wrote The Cult of Personality Testing, once wrote that “the MBTI is a secular religion, and no amount of scientific evidence will dissuade its true believers. I have tried, and have repeatedly been told that it’s clearly my fill-in-a-four-letter-personality-type-here nature that makes me so skeptical.”

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