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Snowstorms (& Friday Links)

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As you might have heard, California has been getting some much-needed water lately! Unfortunately, despite my happiness for the state and our reservoirs, it hasn’t been easy on us personally. It was a tough week as our cabin bore the brunt of two major snowstorms with warm rains in between. The Sierras got over 12 feet of snow in just a few days, closing the ski resorts and the highways in light of blizzard conditions. A tree fell on our cabin’s roof (thankfully no-one was hurt and the damage is minimal, considering); and the water table has risen so dramatically that we’re having flooding issues on the basement level that we’re still working to resolve. As I write this, the power continues to be out and we’re headed up to ensure that the temperatures don’t drop too low for the water pipes. It’s been a crazy storm! I’ve been sharing some photos on Instagram.

Still, there was plenty else to be distracted by this week. Some very good, some very bad. I’ve shared some links that are notable to me, below. What have you been reading lately?

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5 Things: Philadelphia


In “5 Things,” I’ll ask locals from cities all over the world to share insider travel tips on where to eat, shop, stay, and play in their neighborhoods (plus, what to pack to make the adventure complete). This week, Larissa Gaul, a buyer for Anthropolgie and a Barre instructor, shows us around Philadelphia.

5 Things: Philadelphia

by Larissa Gaul

I moved from Denver to Philadelphia in July of 2012, packing up my boyfriend, Jack, and my 160-pound Great Dane, Gustav, into a Subaru and driving across the country. The last four years have been a crazy adventure in this gritty, eclectic, and amazing city.

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Philly has some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life, hands down. It’s accessible in a way that you won’t find in New York City; caters to all palates; and you don’t have to break the bank to eat unforgettable meals.

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Crowd-sourcing: Best Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Oatmeal Bowls for Kids with Plum-Hither and Thither-2

Like many others (I gather), come every new year, I make an effort to start some healthier habits. Meal planning and exercise always tend to top my list, though usually in all-too-vague and vast terms.

So today I’m hoping to solicit some help. I got myself a Vitamix a few months ago, lured by the promise of wholesome breakfast smoothies. I’m loathe to admit that it has sat virtually unused on the counter ever since. I’ve been looking for smoothie recipes low in fruit sugar and high in protein, to which I can add some greens—like spinach. All too often, the recipes either feature contents that could essentially be billed as dessert, or the result is supposed is supposed to taste like dessert. That’s not what I’m after. I’d like to find some favorites that taste good but feel healthy and virtuous, rather than overly sweet, to start the day. Then I can pre-package the contents in the freezer to make throwing them in the blender a no-brainer.

We’ve been enjoying the last of winter break in Lake Tahoe, so my new year routine is just beginning this week. Has any one of you landed on such recipes?

Please share them with me!

P.S. Tips for getting kids to eat more vegetables. Also, that time I tried a juice cleanse and a recent New York Times article about cutting out added sugars for 30 days that has me wanting to follow suit.

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