Who needs the high kicks?

Months ago, and not knowing Aron’s schedule, we decided to buy tickets to see Tori Amos play at Radio City Music Hall. Needless to say, we were very happy when our gamble payed off and Aron didn’t have to take call the night of the show. After work, he met me at my office and we set off to explore a new restaurant. Casallula was delicious–and reminded us a lot of an old favorite, Cobras and Matadors, in Los Angeles. Both feature small plates; we started with a cheese selection (nice and pungent!), and shared a grilled cheese sandwich (yes, more cheese) and a plate of bone marrow. It was my first time having bone marrow and it took me a little bit of courage to get past the appearance of the marrow, but the flavor was amazing! Like butta’. They also had a nice wine by the glass menu to explore. It was a great find, especially as it is near to the culinary wasteland of Times Square.

After dinner, we walked to Radio City. I was thrilled; I had never been and was as excited to see
the venue as I was to see Tori. One hiccup on our way in: they decided to confiscate our camera (temporarily). I guess it was too obvious to ignore, but it bothered Aron when it became clear that every 1 in 2 people in the audience had a camera. No camera meant that our photos were limited to the iphone, but some wonderful classic touches in the theater were particularly noteworthy (in addition to the terrific acoustics!): Aron loved the chandelier-style lighting on the sides of the walls, and I think we were both impressed with the murals, gilting, and vintage-style club lounges. And we both came out of the
restroom wanting to share impressions (which I promise we rarely do). Both the Men’s and Woman’s Lounges had a bonafide lounge spaces with their own unique designs.
The opening band for her good but, as usual, she was outstanding. She’s such an entertainer and is impressively expressive for someone confined to a piano. I always love it when she faces the audience and plays two different keyboards simultaneously. Tori sounded great and she
played some of our rare favorites such as her cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” as well as oldies like “Cornflake Girl,” “Icicle,” “Talula,” and others.

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