Wedding in the woods

These photos from Laura & Nick’s elopement, set in the Cascade Mountains just east of Seattle and captured by photographer Benj Haisch, made my jaw drop. Everything from the setting to the emotion captured to the bride’s gorgeous dress is beautiful.

Apparently, after the ceremony (officiated by a close friend), the newlyweds hiked an hour up to a clearing on the rock and then, suddenly, the skies opened up and there was a thunderstorm. In a post on Green Wedding Shoes, Laura says: “The exact moment we reached the top, a thunderstorm broke out and large raindrops began to fall from the sky… like that scene from the Notebook, only better. Yes we got drenched, but it was worth it! It was as if the mountains surrounding us had broken out into a standing ovation—a truly spectacular moment that was a perfect gift from God.”

Would you ever elope? I don’t think I could re-imagine my day without all of our close friends and family, but I can imagine it for others and see how it could be beautiful. (And so practical… hello, fortune!)

P.S. Wedding shoesOur wedding, and celebrating the first anniversary.

[All images by Benj Haisch]

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