Warby Parker Pop-Up

There are a ton of great pop-up shops that are, well, popping up lately. I was especially excited to check out Warby Parker’s Holiday Spectacle Bazaar–in no small part because Partners & Spade are behind it. They have placed two yurts inside a SoHo warehouse: one to showcase Warby Parker spectacles, and one to host rotating events and products (like a McSweeney’s reading). Out front, a large blackboard lists all of the events; in back, there’s a set-up for $50 eye exams.

It was pretty empty when I stopped in last night, which meant I had ample space to dance/bounce Hudson to the very cool soundtrack (I felt like I’d stepped into a Wes Anderson movie) while trying on as many pairs of glasses as I liked. A young man in heavy frames and red longjohns greeted me at the garage door.

I actually just bought myself a pair of Prestons from Warby Parker a week or two ago, and couldn’t be happier; but it would have been cool to get to try on more frames in person (I was so nervous I’d made the wrong choice, even though I knew I could return them). One favorite little moment: I overheard the very cute girl overseeing the try-on yurt complimenting a man on his selection and he was so clearly won over. I think he would have handed over $100 on the spot with the confidence that she liked them. Clever chaps, those Warby Parker folks, having cute bespectacled girls manning the yurt.

The Bazaar runs through January 8th at 45 Grand Street in SoHo.

[Top photo from Vogue via Warby Parker; all others by me. Spotted on The Scout]

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