Bangs? No bangs?

 Daria Werbowy Bangs

Aron is probably so tired of this question. (Though he has an opinion, I’ve finally discovered.)

You see I’m back to my usual dilemma stage… my hair is in that “side sweepy” bang stage (on a good day, something like this—if nothing like Daria Werbowy herself). Which always prompts me to ask him yet again, “bangs? no bangs?”

Maybe you recall that I carry around this image (from a March 2008 magazine!) for getting mine cut?

Here are some of the ladies who have me rushing in for trims…

Jane Birkin Bangs

Michelle Williams bangs

Jane Birkin and Michelle Williams (who makes one want to go all the way short again)

And a couple who make me think better of staying home.

Penelope Cruz Bangs

Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel (I’m definitely not over ombré)

Do you wear bangs? Favorite celebrity hair?

P.S. See more haircut inspiration on my Beauty Pinterest Board. And how to give a toddler a haircut.

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