Village Feast (& Friday Links)

It’s been a big week! Hudson started second grade on Wednesday and Skyler went back for her last year of preschool on Thursday. It felt like we had one extra week of summer this year and everyone was ready this time! I took the usual back-to-school photos and man, they’re looking so tall. How much longer do I have until I’m the shortest one in the family?

I’ve also been gearing up for a fundraiser I’m helping to organize, The Village Feast, that supports Farm-to-School programs in town, and want to mention it here to encourage all local friends to join us on September 29th, after the close of the Farmers Market in Central Park! The family-style meal will honor the bounty of our local farms and a silent auction will be held to provide support of early and continued education around food and agriculture. It should be a beautiful day and there are going to be some incredible items up for auction. (Alice Waters just donated an opportunity to be chef for a day at Chez Panisse!) Get tickets before they’re gone!

Any fun plans for the long weekend?

Here are some links of note if you’re in the mood… 

Hundreds of children remain separated from their parents.

John McCain’s farewell letter.

Distracted parenting.

A mother’s fragmented identity.

Voices of empty nesters. (Aron and I listened independently and both reported tearing up.)

Late notice, but are these the perfect beach bags? (Sand be gone.)

Women surfers—since the 1600s.

I’m sorry I still haven’t finished my Puglian travelogue. I’ll be eating some of these cheeses as muse…

The Unbearable Sameness of Cities. 

I’d like to take this trip to Ojai.

That black tutu is a response to a long history of regulating female bodies in sports.

Stockholm street style. 

Love this summer moodboard.

The benefits of play.

Buckingham palace guards honor Aretha Franklin.

Who will be speaking and performing at her funeral, today.

Best Kirkland products at Costco.

A beautiful blush blanket  for just a hint of pink.

On volunteering: I’m also joining the PTA board this year. Any favorite things your PTA does for your school?

Have a great weekend!

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