Hang ups (& Friday Links)

This look into the apartment—the closets—of Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) was sort of fascinating to me. I wanted to know more: how often does one cycle through it all? Is there more in storage? Any rules? How much space does her partner get? I’m not sure why, but I love reading about people’s particular closet systems. I’ll never forget the first time that Martha Stewart talked about her various hangers and her middle-of-the-night steaming sessions and her dry-cleaner-sized garment press that she loves to use.

Makes me want to go clean out my closet. Do you have any quirky or clever closet tips? My favorite thing we added to ours a while back is a valet rod. I use it all the time—when packing, being lazy about hanging things up, getting purses off the floor…

Instead of attending to the mess, however, I’m going to go pick out a dress to wear to Aron’s office party at the Crocker Art Museum tonight! And then we have soccer games and photos and general house stuff to attend to this weekend—and I’m definitely finishing those Italy posts. Anything fun on the horizon for you?

Some links of note… 

Tracking Hurricane Florence. Hoping for minimal damage and loss of life for our neighbors on the east coast.

And, one day, I’m going to copy this trip to the Outer Banks exactly, which shows the coastline in calmer times.

This is fascinating! Try it! (via SwissMiss)

A grown-up version of a BFF necklace (together, they make a full circle).

How to recognize signs of bullying.

I need to get this T-shirt for Hudson. He is forever the first one up.

Teaching in America

A new lifeline phone number for Trans or gender-nonconforming people considering suicide.

The complicated truth about stay-at-home parenthood. I appreciated all of the added nuance.

A provocative post on unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

On my to-read list this weekend: A warning from Europe. The worst is yet to come.

The skyrocketing number of detained migrant children.

Women candidates are coming for the House! (The surge is being driven entirely by Democrats: The number of Republican women in the House is actually poised to decline.)

The fallacy of voter fraud.

Carpe Democracy! Pass it on. (aka How to prevent election day regret.)

P.S. Are you registered to vote? Do you know where to vote? Do you want election reminders?


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