Have a great (first autumn) weekend!

It’s starting to feel a bit like fall here: the light falls into our kitchen in the morning the way I recall it doing just so last year, the evenings are getting cool enough for sweaters, and squash is making more of an appearance at the farmer’s market. Even so, I’m sure we have some 80-degree days left in store, and alongside those squash, we still have an abundance of stone fruit, berries, and sweet tomatoes. It’s almost too early to think about returning to Apple Hill for cider donuts and pumpkin patches… and yet of course it isn’t.

So perhaps that’s just what we’ll do this weekend—take the first taste of the season. What will you be doing this weekend?

Here are some links for your Friday… 

If you’re in the mood for apple desserts, here’s a crumble that’s simple. And here are 10 other outstanding-looking apple desserts.

Hudson has been an absolute dreamboat lately, so no complaining here. But I was recently reminded about this article on Chronos versus Kairos time and, boy, it’s so true!

I can’t believe Breaking Bad is ending this Sunday. What is going to happen!? We don’t have cable and I can’t risk a spoil on Twitter so we’re going to my parents’ house to watch it live. With a virgin one of these in hand!

Have to honest, all of the glittered and painted pumpkin tutorials this time of year tend to make me chuckle. (Always lead me to re-read this.) But this beautiful one made me think twice. Or you could just buy this mug.

Pack with a purpose for your next trip.

Design mom heard my request for help on Packing lunches for Kids and comes to the rescue with a new series.

Overhead table shots like these are my favorite! Especially in the half-eaten state.

And a bunch of pop-culture links I can’t help but share…

Are you a fan of Lena Dunham? I really enjoyed this interview she did with Alec Baldwin on his NPR show, Here’s the Thing. (By the way, I really love Alec Baldwin and hear he’s really charitable and friendly—and he was so great on 30 Rock. But then there was that crazy voicemail he left for his daughter. What was up with that? Can I still like him in spite of it?)

Jimmy Fallon just oozes fun. I love that guy. A hilarious take on the #hashtag and more awesome lip-sync-offs. (Though my favorite remains my boyfriend, John lip-syncing.)

Apparently I’m the last to know about this twerking hoax. Aron shared it with me last night after hearing it discussed on On the Media (which means I’m really behind). Did you know about this? If not, it’s definitely worth your time. So funny!

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