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Påskplock, Ikea via Hither and Thither

We’re going to Scandinavia this summer! After much fare-watching, we scored some round-trip tickets to Stockholm in June. Now comes the fun part: where to go? We have two weeks and we’re thinking that, beyond Stockholm, we’d like to see Copenhagen and the fjords of Norway. How should we divide our time? I’ve been asking around for itinerary tips and would love any advice anyone can share. All suggestions are welcome!

Any fun plans this weekend? Downton Abbey ends on Sunday and I’ll be watching with hopes that Edith gets a happy send-off, whatever that means for her.

Here are some other items of note… 

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I took Hudson to see the National Parks Movie. It’s 40 minutes of breath-taking American scenery.

Fighting the sugar habit. (I like the idea of using the phrase “sometimes foods” instead of “treats.”) And getting kids to eat greens.

There’s a movement toward teaching “Mindfulness” in schools. What does it look like? And what does it mean?

An honest take at those frenzied first months with two kids.

Translated emails. Too true.

My kind of easy weeknight meals: I’d like to try all of them.

A seminar on procrastination (which I read while procrastinating).

Disney is going to have surge pricing for 1-day tickets to its parks.

Dancing shoes to spin you through baby showers, weddings, and warm-weather getaways (may there be many).

The New Yorker publishes a seething piece about teens and the decline of serious reading, and teens fight back.

Our bookclub wanted a lighter read after last month’s choice. Has anyone read it?

Have a great weekend!

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