Valentines for kids

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I couldn’t resist picking up these cute Pirate Valentines

for Hudson. It hadn’t even occurred to me to get him valentines until I saw them, but why not? He does go to school after all, and I love the idea of him getting to give little 3×3 cards and temporary tattoos to his friends. Aron teased me of course—the price-per-card breakdown is maybe a little high for a 2-year-old (excuse me, 2-1/2-year old), but these were just too cute and they come with a teacher card, so that’s worth at least a couple of dollars. (Right?)

I can barely remember those elementary-school days when exchanging valentines was a big deal. I have foggy memories of going through those multi-pack boxes and carefully deciding who would get the image I thought was the best; and of sitting up at our kitchen table and glueing construction-paper hearts to doilies that came inevitably stuck together.

And then, in high school, people could send each other things like candy-grams and a few lucky girls would get flowers delivered to their desks. (Never me, though I had a few nice boyfriends in high school so I’m not really complaining.)

Do you remember anything about exchanging valentines as a small child? Are your kids looking toward the occasion? (Hudson certainly has no clue, so these are definitely more for me than for him—though he’ll love having something to bring and share at school.) I’m hoping—for her sake, not mine—that our daughter’s birthday does not fall on Valentine’s day.

Have a fun (long) weekend!

P.S. Some gifts that go beyond the candy-gram and flowers, from last year.

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