Monthly (now bi-yearly) photo series

Remember all of those monthly updates I’d write about Hudson? I was diligent that first year about documenting milestones and taking photos of him on the couch. (You can see all of the photos in one go, here.) Since the last one, on his first birthday, I’ve tried to continue making notes on my phone—and we’ve of course taken thousands of photos—but sadly I’ve never sat down and written another update. Well, Hudson is 2-1/2 tomorrow! I’m making it a goal!

When he turned 1-1/2, I got out the camera and the white onesie and we took these couch photos (I promised to share them at the time, but never did). And then…

He turned two! And again we brought out the camera and Mr. Elephant and the white onesie and we took these photos (below)…


But I never sat down to write an update. There’s something so much more daunting about capturing a moment in a little one’s life when six months (or, gulp, 18 months) have passed!

While tomorrow is really the day, little Hudson has been answering “two and a half” when asked his age for well over a month now; so I better get to it. Time to grab Mr. Elephant, a white onesie t-shirt, and the proverbial pen and paper before there’s another little one here who I’ll undoubtedly feel is growing too fast, too. (And if when I follow through, maybe I’ll share the new pics and a more formal update here.)

Do you have a way you have been keeping a record of your little one’s first year(s)?

P.S. Doing this! Thoughts on half-birthdays and family rituals. And Hudson’s 1st and 2nd birthday parties.

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