Two Months

We were in California on the 17th, the actual two-month-mark, so this is Hudson a day shy. I find it so bittersweet to see him growing so much. When people point out what I already know–he’s not a newborn anymore, he’s a baby!–I find myself thinking: have I drunk in every little expression? Did I take enough videos or photos of those skinny little limbs? Will I be able to remember what he like just two weeks ago? Because it just reminds me how much he’s changing each day! And yet it’s so wonderful to see. He continues to love standing on our laps and tracking bright lights. Just a few days ago we watched him as he batted at his toys–discovering cause and effect. He’s getting more content to sit on his own and look around; he’ll even tolerate the car seat for a little while now. And he’s cooing and holding little pretend conversations. He’s very serious-looking most of the time, but his hard-earned smiles can make my eyes water, they’re so wide and lovely. His whole face transforms and he works on finding a place to put his tongue as his grin expands ear to ear. He also has a new pout, with an intense lower-lip: he tries it out when his feet hit the bath water, but then he looks at us for reassurance and we start singing “Rubber Ducky,” and the smile returns.

His second month included his first earthquake, a hurricane, and a cross-continental flight! And he was a superstar on the airplane, sleeping soundly through most of the trip. He didn’t even wake up when we went through security! His one huge bowel movement that leaked all over on the way there didn’t seem to bother him at all–even if it shocked us a bit! Luckily, so many had told us about this happening to them on planes that we were plenty prepared with a change of clothes. The only hiccup was that our plane didn’t have any running water (ewww!)–only hand sanitizer. Thank goodness for baby wipes. (And thanks, everyone, for the encouragement! We look forward to the next flight!)

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