Treat Yourself.


Our kidless getaway a few weeks back was a reminder: one of the most wonderful things in the world (and most elusive at this stage of life) is climbing into crisp sheets and sleeping in. There is just nothing quite like that heavenly combination of fresh linens, lazy rising, and—ideally—some breakfast-in-bed.

Actually, some friends and I have discussed this recently and decided we’ve been going about the babysitter-for-date-night plans all wrong. The morning is where it’s at! You set out a change of clothes and a go-bag for the kids the night before, and then get up to let the sitter in first thing to take them off for breakfast and a fun adventure. Then—yes!—you go back to bed! It would be the closest thing to actually sleeping in. How awesome would that be?

In my scenario, hotel-quality sheets figure prominently and are, thankfully, easier to come by than the rest of those elements. And I’m a big advocate of elevating the everyday whenever possible.



In fact, I was just introduced to Snowe, a line of beautiful home essentials that’s already been distilled to meet that requirement. I love their approach: a finite selection of everyday items—uncomplicated and practical—made from high-quality materials. Exactly what you need, and not an excess of more.

They’ve put together what they call a Foundation Collection around four categories—Drink, Eat, Bathe, and Sleep (perfect for someone just setting up his or her home—or to gift to someone who is)—with the idea that these are the things you want to have be timeless. White porcelain serving dishes from Limoges and Italian stemware (all dishwasher-safe), milled cotton percale sheets, and so on. (Spoiler: generous discount below.)


I gravitated immediately to the Drinking Essentials set. (That clean-lined carafe!) Beyond crisp sheets, I’ve decided that a carafe of water by the bedside is one of those things that can help you achieve that just-right middle ground between cozy home and comfortable hotel.

(It’s also incredibly useful for mixed drinks at parties, and at brunches at which you’d like it to appear you could have squeezed the juice yourself.)


But the whole collection is spot-on. And arrives with sweet touches like a little red book of “Tips for Life.” For example, how much drink to stock for your party; why you should move up the dinner start-time; and a suggestion to remove your sheets from the dryer just a touch damp to “prevent wrinkles and damage by over-drying.”


Luxurious sheets, some champagne chilled in the fridge, and maybe a good book waiting by the bedside?


Go ahead. Treat yourself. (And best of luck with the morning sitter.)

How do you like to elevate the everyday? What luxuries are top on your list? 

Good news: Snowe has agreed to extend a 20% discount on anything from their site to readers for two weeks. Use the code Hither&Thither20 at checkout through the 18th of November.

This post is sponsored by Snowe, “home essentials you hold in your hands and instantly know have been made the right way.” Thank you for supporting the site! 

Pictured: Sheet Set in White | Drinking Essentials Set | Dinner Plate | Spoon

P.S. That kidless getaway in question.

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