Tradition of hatmaking in Tuscany (& Friday Links)


A while back, a reader introduced me to the company of Grevi, who has been making hats outside of Florence, alongside the Arno, since the the late 19th century. I love these archival photographs from their original factory in Signa, Italy. Before the Great Depression, their company made only two hats, a boater known as the Leghorn and a panama-style hat—both for men. But as it turns out, their most well-known hat is probably the one they made for a certain pretty woman: Julia Roberts wore one in the scene at the Polo Club. They have stores in Florence and Paris, but you can find them sold elsewhere.

Do you have a favorite shape? Here’s a post about five of the most classic hat shapes for summer.

Some other links of note… 

Related: I wish I’d bought myself a hat when we stopped in here years ago.

What those emojis are supposed to mean. (Which ones do you overuse?) Via Wired

Did you watch the David Letterman clip round-up of his flirting with guests? Yikes. Via Morning After

A little birthday rap for Fresh Air fans. (Love it when they break it down with Artisanal toast.) Via EgoCircus

Happy Doughnut Day is next Friday! I can be a bit bah-humbug about all the unofficial (fake) holidays—but doughnut day is a real thing. A roundup of homemade doughnut recipes to look at only after you’ve already eaten. Via Say Yes

How to find the perfect GIF. Via LifeHacker

You know you’re a fan of this burger when multiple friends send you the same recipe. Via Smitten Kitchen.

I was interviewed about this post on the local news! Via Good Day Sacramento

I love white walls (see examples here), so this tip really struck a chord! Via Emily Henderson

Great career advice from women at the top of the art world (that’s relevant beyond). And congrats to my friend Nora, #39, who—no surprise, really—was asked to contribute. via ArtNet

Are comedians the new public intellectuals? (Hopefully yes, but not the only ones?) via The Atlantic

I wrote a while ago about The Tyranny of Email. Turns out there’s a science to who can tolerate a full inbox. also via The Atlantic

Managing social media with your kids. via Mother

Have a great weekend! 

P.S. Someone asked me to follow up about these sandals. I did buy them and I wear them all the time. That said, Salt Water sandals remain virtually the perfect shoe, in my opinion (and if they had arch support, they would be).

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