The 10 Easiest DIY Wall Hangings

No Weave Wall Hangings

By Anna Smith of Annabode.

Hey! It’s Anna again, from Annabode, here to share with you today a round-up of my all-time favorite DIY wall hangings.  I always ogle the beauty and texture of woven hangings on Pinterest, but all that time spent in front of a loom makes me want to run in the other direction.  I consider myself a pretty lazy DIYer—if I can’t finish it quickly or if it requires a lot of detail work, then I simply leave it to the professionals.  (Like Maryann Moodie—she’s a textile rockstar).

That’s why I’ve gathered the 10 easiest DIY wall hangings from around the web, no weaving required! Each of these bloggers has created something lovely and textural that won’t have you pulling your hair out (admittedly I’ve snuck one of my own in here, too).  Whether it’s a hack of an existing textile or a minimalist yarn creation, I hope these projects inspire you to create something of your own!

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1. H&M Hack. Teri created this wall hanging from an H&M table runner.  Genius!

via Oleander + Palm, link:

2. Gold-Dipped Yarn Hanging.  The brass and ombré effect of this yarn piece is simply stunning.

via Earnest Home Co., link:

3. Woven Wall Hanging.  Don’t let the name fool you—there is zero weaving necessary for this baby.

via We Are Scout, link:

4. Pom-Pom Wall Hanging.  These pom-poms are glorious.

5. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging. Always a classic, the copper in Sarah Sherman Samuel’s gorgeous creation adds a touch of glamour.

via Hello Lidy

6. Fall Yarn Art. Lidy’s yarn hanging is so cool! I love how the ends of the yarn look like they’re growing out of the branch.

via Annabode, link:

7. No-Weave Wall Hanging. I made this guy using old carpet samples from West Elm!

via Brittany Makes, link:

8. Woven Wall Hanging From A Bathmat.  Need I say more?


9. Pom Pom Wall Hang.  So colorful and fun!


10. Yarn Tapestry.  A variation on #6, I’m really digging the stripes.

Do you have a wall hanging hack? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment, or tag an Instagram shot with @annabode.

Thank you, Anna! 

Anna lives in Washington, DC with her fiancé Austin and their four-year-old son, Clinton (and they’re about to move to Denver). An interior designer by day and Craigslist-comber by night, she isn’t afraid of wielding a hammer and shares her tips for do-it-yourself decorating on her blog, Annabode.

P.S. Previous DIYs by Anna: A Marbled Jewelry Box and Woven Placemat. Also, Minimal Bohemian style. 

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