Ode to Salt-Water Sandals

Even though I’m perpetually on the hunt for the perfect summer sandal, my trusty standby remains a simple Salt-Water

. I’m about to order Hudson his third pair!

Mine, however, have lasted for years. I’m finally going back into our August photos and trying to finish editing Bali (Here’s the travelogue!), and I was reminded how I would literally snorkel in them because I needed them at the start of the rocky shore. I could go back to wearing them around town and it was if they’d never seen the water. The leather stayed as soft and comfy as ever. I think they’re pretty cute, too.

If they only had a bit more cushioning on the footbed, I think I’d declare them the perfect shoe.

P.S. More summer sandals and the best no-show socks for brogues.

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