Date Night idea: Cooking class

A few weeks back, Aron and I walked toward downtown and into a local grocery co-op’s cooking school. I’ve always found taking a lesson in something together to make for a fun date and I’ve since gone back for a class with my sister-in-law and signed Aron and I up for Paneer-making lessons.

Our first time, we learned a few vegetarian Indian dishes–and got to sample delicious results. The last time we did this, we tried our hand at Thai… in Thailand… on our honeymoon.

The two experiences were very different, and it got me thinking a bit about how one would go about deciding whether or not to go to a cooking class on a date–especially with someone you are still getting to know.

Our Indian cooking class was demonstration only. I found I preferred the chance to be hands-on: it was fun to stand next to Aron and tease each other about things like knife skills. There was more of a chance for us to interact and we were more invested in the dishes’ outcome. On the other hand, this means a more significant time investment: we would spend some time listening to an instructor and some time practicing. That, plus a wonderfully in-depth (and sometimes very stinky) market tour, made the whole experience a half-day affair.

Something in between is probably optimal, so be sure to call ahead and get specific details about what to expect. Also ask what the tone of the class tends to be: are the students serious, non-talkers? Or is there a lot of laughter? Does it tend to draw a jovial crowd and other people on dates? It’s best to find a relaxed group, but don’t worry—even if you don’t get to talk much during the class, you will have a shared experience to discuss over drinks afterward.

It’s a nice alternative to a movie, and it still takes some of the pressure off from the conversation. Of course, if neither of you are cooks, you could still find a similar activity. Lots of cheese and wine shops offer tasting and pairing sessions!

What would you want to take a class on?

P.S. The class we took in Bangkok was at The Blue Elephant cooking school. I highly recommend it!

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