Time for a little celebration

Last week, I got a promotion at work (yay!), so Aron took me out to celebrate! Even though I would just have to live somewhat vicariously through Aron, I decided that nothing quite says “Congratulations” like a dozen oysters and some lobster (and a glass of prosecco, but I was equally happy to watch him enjoy a Manhattan).

Actually, the “Happy Hour and a Half” special at The Mermaid Inn is pretty wonderful whether or not one can nosh on raw bivalves and stiff drinks: I highly recommend the lobster sliders, shrimp corndogs. (And it was one of our first meals outside this season!) The virgin Bloody Mary tastes a bit too much like cocktail sauce without the vodka, but I imagine that’s a fairly rare problem at happy hour.

Some other exciting news: Be sure to visit baby mine today if you or a friend is expecting. I’m giving away a Simplisse double electric breast pump (regularly sold for $300)!

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