Madison Square Eats

Ashley is lucky to work right by Madison Square Park and–on nice days–has the option of spending her lunch there. In the past few weeks, she has frequented Madison Square Eats (a collection of food stalls open 11-9 daily through June 3rd); I’ve been trying to get over there for some time now, and finally made it for some pre-dinner… umm… dinner. There is so much to choose from–Ashley has enjoyed the pizza (spicy “bee sting” with honey and pepper and simple Margherita) as well as the Asia Dogs, but while the line for the Calexico truck is normally at least 25 minutes long (at lunch as per Ashley), there was hardly anyone waiting. We split the Carne asada and the chipotle pork tacos. Both were quite good! And while I enjoyed a beer from the guys at NuNu chocolates, Ashley had a P&H Soda Co. custom mixed soda: the Brooklyn based vendor poured her ginger and lime. I think she really loved the ginger, which had great bite, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a Soda Stream were in our future.

Have a great holiday weekend!
We’re looking forward to tackling some home projects in anticipation of the baby: clearing out more space, setting up the crib, and hanging our wallpaper

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