Sun Protection Favorites: An Update


Last year, Aron and I went on an epic sunscreen sampling spree. I wrote all about it here: basically, I felt like I was being endlessly disappointed by the lotions I was using; they either rated low on the Environmental Working Group’s safety ratings, left me too chalky and white, or were too expensive.

My conclusion was that I’d need to find one less-expensive, higher volume sunscreen to slather on our bodies, and allow for something a bit more special for the face. Someone asked me about an update so, a year later, here’s what I’ve kept coming back to…

Sage___Zinc_Facial_Hydrating_Cream_40ml_1_1 (1)

For the face:
I still love the SuperGoop City Serum, but a new favorite is Aesop’s Sage & Zinc Hydrating Cream. It’s a lower SPF (15 instead of 30), but it’s the only zinc-based sunscreen I’ve ever used that blends in perfectly. Plus, I think it smells good. I love it! I’ll also sometimes finish up with this mineral-powder sunscreen that my dermatologist suggested.

For the kids, beach days, and other more water-intense days:
We found Nature’s Gate (best for blending and price per ounce) and Badger (smells and it eventually rubs in with effort) to be great options for mineral-based sunscreens. But a few months after the initial testing, we discovered these Babyganics SPF 50 mineral-based spray-lotions and started to use them all the time. Don’t worry: the spray isn’t aerosolized. Instead, it’s more like using a pump that is portioned out more appropriately. I either put it directly in my hand or add a few squirts to their legs or arms and then rub in, but it’s still a lot easier than distributing a dollop from the tube so I’m more likely to use it before school.

Other favorite sun-protection solutions?
Rash guards for women, Surf suits for kids, and wide-brimmed hats. (And more consistent practices.)

What sunscreens do you like to use? Any new favorites? 

P.S. There are some really good suggestions in the comments on the original post. Elta was a leading recommendation.

[Top photo from our kayak down Putah Creek; by Susan Yee for Hither & Thither]


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