Summer side: Grilled baby artichokes

Right now, with our own artichokes blooming in our yard, seems like the perfect time to get outside and grill artichokes! I think it will become one of my favorite preparations.

We only had a few home-grown specimens, so I opted for the baby variety at Trader  Joe’s (they often carry packs of four around this time of year). The smaller variety are nice, because they cook so quickly, but any size would work.


To prepare, you could steam first, then cut or vice versa. We cut ours in half first so we wouldn’t have to deal with piping-hot artichokes. Once they’re sliced in half, carve out and discard the hairy choke and the prickly purple leaves. If I’m making these for sharing, I might also take the time to cut the points of the leaves’ tips, but that’s not essential.

You want to steam them for as long as it takes for the stem to be pierce-able. For these baby artichokes, that was roughly six minutes. Around ten to fifteen should be good for large ones.

In a bowl, combine just enough olive oil to toss each artichoke with some crushed fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and whatever herbs you like. Let them sit and marinate while you heat the grill (or longer).

Grill over medium heat, turning once. And then add butter or mayonnaise (maybe a squeeze of lemon) and some more freshly ground pepper and some salt to finish!

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